22 Nov 2019

Wayne NJ Dog Groomer Gives At-Home Tips

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Wayne NJ dog groomer, Dog surrounded by Wayne dog groomer toolsMany dogs require regular grooming at a professional Wayne NJ dog groomer.  Even though some dogs may need to go to the groomer on a fairly regular basis, it can still be a very stressful time for them.

Here are a few things a Wayne NJ dog groomer says you can do with your dog at home to make their grooming visits more enjoyable for both your dog and your groomer

Brushing – Even though your dog gets seen by their groomer every few weeks or months, if you keep up on brushing or combing your dog’s coat in between their appointments, it will be easier for the groomer to brush your dog.  Brushing keeps mats at bay, removes surface dirt, and massages the skin to produce the natural oils necessary for keeping your dog’s coat healthy.  If you neglect regular brushing at home and your dog has a longer coat, the fur can develop mats which can be very painful and difficult to remove.  If your dog does develop mats, your groomer may have no choice but to cut your dogs coat very short in order to remove them because some mats cannot be brushed out due to their severity.

Ear Care – Depending on the shape of your dog’s ears, they may require cleaning more often than just being done at their regular grooming appointment.  It is best to check with your veterinarian on which ear cleanser would be most appropriate for your dog. Regular cleaning of your dog’s ears maintains wax build-up, removes sebum and debris, and prevents infections.  If you wait to have your dog’s ears cleaned only at their grooming appointments, their ears can become infected which is painful and can require medication.  The pain associated with ear infections can make ear cleaning very stressful for your dog making regular cleaning disturbing for your dog.  If you keep up with at-home ear cleaning, it will keep the task pain-free and your dog will be able to tolerate the chore much easier.

Nails – While a dog’s nails can be filed and ground down by regular walks and running on pavement, if you have a dog that does not have their nails filed naturally, you may need to trim them or have them trimmed.  By practicing proper nail trimming techniques at home in between regular visits to your Wayne NJ dog groomer, it will keep this exercise less stressful for your dog, making it easier for your groomer when it has to be done.

There are many things you can work on with your dog at home to make your dog’s visits to their Wayne NJ dog groomer more enjoyable

Regular touching of your dog’s body, feet, and ears can make the work your groomer has to do much easier.  Keeping up on normal health maintenance at home protects your dog from numerous problems and helps to keep many health problems at bay.  Many dogs resent having to go to the groomer as much as we hate going to the dentist, but by practicing grooming behaviors at home, your dog may actually enjoy their next trip to their Wayne NJ dog groomer.