Stern Thrusters in Jupiter Make Docking a Breeze

For commercial vessels and large recreational ships, docking and maneuvering used to be a nightmare. Because ships, like cars, cannot move side to side, only front and back, tugboats were used to help get these ships into their spots. This inconvenience was the driving force in the invention of side thrusters. Also referred to as bow or stern thrusters. These devices help vessels make side to side movements. This allows large boats to maneuver into tight spaces with much less difficulty. And, just like any other addition, thrusters require maintenance and repair services. If you’ve been searching for the best company to install, maintain, and repair your stern thrusters in Jupiter, check out Yacht Service, LLC. With over three decades of experience in the yachting industry, they’ve seen and repaired just about everything. Contact them to discuss your yacht project today.

Selecting the Right Thruster, the First Time

As we discussed, thrusters were first introduced to improve maneuverability in large commercial vessels. However, the equipment manufacturers soon discovered the positive impact they can have on boats of all sizes. Thus, smaller versions of bow and stern thrusters were introduced for recreational ships. As the industry developed, new versions were created, new materials were used, and installation methods became more flexible. However, all these choices can sometimes make it more difficult to find the right thruster for your boat.

Size is obviously a big factor to consider when selecting stern thrusters in Jupiter. Your bow and stern thrusters should be large enough to provide sufficient thrust for your purposes. However, it is possible to get a thruster that is too powerful. This can cause major safety and operation issues.

The installation of the thruster is extremely important. This is why finding an experienced, trustworthy service company that cares for stern thrusters in Jupiter is so essential. Where in the hull the thrusters are positioned is crucial to the proper use. How tall your hull is and how wide the space is has a large impact in which thruster is appropriate for your ship.

The size of the ship also influences the power source for stern thrusters in Jupiter. Smaller boats often use thrusters that run on DC power. Boats over sixty feet in length, on the other hand, commonly use hydraulic or AC power. Again, if you aren’t sure what is right for your boat, speaking with a professional is paramount.

Common Issues with Stern Thrusters in Jupiter

Service companies that have been in the yachting industry for awhile know there are two common complaints from boat owners regarding their stern thrusters in Jupiter: insufficient power and noise level.

The whole reason to purchase a boat with stern thrusters or to install stern thrusters on your yacht is to improve maneuverability. However, insufficient power negates the whole point in having them. If the power choice or size of the thruster is not appropriate, they will be ineffective in even the slightest of winds. If in fact, your yacht has sufficient power and the appropriately sized thrusters and you are still having trouble moving around in tight spaces, there may be a water flow issue. Any impediment in the water flow over the thrusters will make them powerless. This can be caused by a bad installation or external factors like seaweed.

An incorrect installation can also be the cause of excessive noise while using your thrusters. This is another reason that hiring the right yacht service team to install your stern thrusters in Jupiter is crucial. Stern thrusters that are too small for your hull can result in noisy travel while using them. Thrusters that are not installed low enough on the hull can pull air into the tunnels which can also cause needless noise.

Stern thrusters in Jupiter help large yachts like this dock in tight spaces

Talk to Experts About Stern Thrusters in Jupiter

Making the right choice of thrusters the first time is the biggest tip in avoiding issues after installation. Because ships need to be out of the water in order to service and maintain bow and stern thrusters in Jupiter, many boat owners just stop using them rather than have them repaired. Most problems can be prevented by picking the right thruster. The right size, the right power source, and the right installation type are all essential to proper and beneficial thruster use. Don’t waste your money on the wrong thruster. Talk to experts about stern thrusters in Jupiter before you make your purchase.