3 Nov 2016

Modular Homes in Ocean County Are On The Rise

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Ocean County, NJ is one of the most desirable places in the state to live, and it’s easy to see why. With beautiful coastal waters, plenty of recreation, easy access to major highways, excellent public services and more, it’s a great place for young families and retirees alike.

Another reason why it’s proving so popular is the availability of modular homes Ocean County, which allow people to quickly and easily have gorgeous new homes built that will serve their every need, but with the many benefits of a modular.

So where are people building in Ocean County? Here are a few key towns that are highly desirable:


Lavallette is the definition of tranquility. This tiny shore community has both bay front and oceanfront property, making it great for beach lovers, boaters, people who like to fish, anyone who likes to sail, and just plain anyone who likes the water. It’s a small community where everyone knows one another, and even has a nice downtown area with local shops, places to eat, and more.

Ortley Beach

Located near Lavallette, Ortley Beach is a popular destination for weekenders, vacationers, and year round residents alike. Because so many homes are being rebuilt there, you will find a lot of Ocean County modular homes being constructed. The tiny nature of the community and smaller lots make this a perfect community for modulars, which can easily be configured for the exact lot specifications without a lot of complicated engineering and architecture. The result are lovely new homes by the water in a community people really want to live in.

Seaside Park

The close cousin of the more famous Seaside Heights, if Seaside Heights is known for being loud and noisy and busy, Seaside Park is known for being quiet, reserved, and relaxing, while still offering close and easy access to all the attractions the Heights has to offer. This coastal community has been a popular place for people to summer or retire for many years for good reason!


Most in the region think of Brick as a sprawling, congested suburban community, but those in the know realize that Brick has more waterfront property than any town in the state. Building modular homes in Ocean County is common in Brick thanks to the lagoons, rivers, bay front, and even oceanfront property located throughout the town. If there is an aspect of coastal living you want to enjoy, you can find it in Brick!

New Jersey is not the polluted, congested state many people seem to think it is. With fantastic coastal communities filled with boating, fishing or just relaxing in the sun, it’s no surprise that people are having modular homes built at the shore. It’s a great place to live!

Do you know of a great Jersey Shore community that is worth talking about? Let us know about it in the comments, we’d love to hear about it!