Why is fall a great time to contact a Lavallette real estate agent?
5 Sep 2019

Why is fall a great time to contact a Lavallette real estate agent?

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For many people, when you think of the beach you think of summer.  Heat waves, beach waves, and oh the crowds!  When you think of the New Jersey shore or Lavallette real estate, you immediately associate it with summertime. However, there’s still lots to do and enjoy even after the temperatures start to dip.  Even though you may not want to go swimming outside of the heat waves of summer, you can still enjoy the beach.  Maybe, even more!  Once the kiddos and teachers return to school, if you’re lucky enough to have any weekdays off, you can practically enjoy a whole plot of land on the beach to yourself!  If you enjoy the beach for its solitude, peacefulness, and beauty, consider fall the perfect beach weather.

Have a dog?  Bring him or her along!  Around the middle to the end of September, your furry family members are allowed to enjoy lots of the area beaches.  Make sure to check with the township prior to heading out to make sure you know what the regulations are for each beach.

Grab a book, sit back and enjoy.  When kids return to school, out-of-towners return to their home towns as well.  Say goodbye to the crowds of summer and get ready to stake your claim on an area of beach that would be impossible to in the height of summer.  During summer you’ll be lucky to save a patch of the beach the size of your beach towel. But, come fall, there are days you may have the whole beach to yourself.  With fewer people, you can appreciate the beach while it’s not covered in trash.  No matter how many signs are posted and how many garbage receptacles are available, people make trash.  However, in the fall, there’s fewer people and therefore less trash.  Enjoy the solitude of you and the ocean waves and get ready to relax.

Shoo fly shoo.  If you’ve been to the Jersey shore during July and August, you’ve had a greenhead bite.  But around the end of August, these pests start to disappear just like the rest of the out of towners.  Get ready to be able to spend the whole day on the beach without having to cover yourself in bug spray and actually be able to read your book instead of using it to swat away these pesky insects.

Your bank account will thank you if you need to rent a place in the fall.  If you can hold out through the summer and wait to book a beach vacation until the fall, you’ll be able to enjoy the greatly reduced off-season rates.  Not only do rentals reduce their rates, but lots of businesses also do too.

You can actually find a parking spot! You’ll be able to find a spot to park your car that’s not 3 miles from the beach. Plus, you also might not even have to pay for it!  So, while businesses and rentals cut their rates, you can enjoy free parking at lots of area beaches too.  And let’s face it, even if you have to feed the meter, at least you’ll be on the beach in a matter of minutes because you’ll be able to park super close.

Fall is a great time to visit the Jersey shore beaches-contact a Lavallete Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re a local or you’re someone planning a vacation with a Lavallette real estate agent, don’t rule out fall as a time to visit the beach.  If you need help finding a rental, check with a trusted Lavallette real estate broker for the best deals.