Homes for Sale in Toms River NJ are Full of History
7 Nov 2022

Homes for Sale in Toms River NJ are Full of History

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Toms River New Jersey dates all the way back to 1685. Settlers may have been in the area prior to that date, but that is the year that Thomas Luker settled on the banks of what was then the Goose River. This area is what will eventually become Downtown Toms River. Toms River now covers an area of close to 53-square miles and includes over two dozen unincorporated communities. With a population of over 95,000 people according to the 2020 census, Toms River is the 8th most populous county in the state. The large number of residents also makes it the second most-populous town in Ocean County. Those who buy homes for sale in Toms River NJ get to enjoy the rich history of the area as well as the current benefits including an extensive collection of parks and waterfront activities.

The National Register of Historic Places Lists Ten Properties in Toms River

This register keeps a database of historic properties that are worthy of preservation. It is put together as part of the National Park Service and is aimed at identifying and protecting America’s architectural history. There are 10 properties in Toms River on the registry. Here’s a quick look at a few of them.

Captain Amos Birdsall House on Washington St.

Its primary significance is being the residence of one of the most successful captains and boat builders on the east coast and the second president of the First National Bank of Toms River. He moved his family into the home in Toms River, NJ in 1868.  Sadly, on May 16, 2016, this historic residence, which had been home to a real estate company, burned down. A replica was built on the same location. It is now the offices of Childers Sotheby’s International Realty and Hiering, Dupignac, Stanzione & Dunn, PC.

Amongst Homes for Sale in Toms River NJ on Allen St. is the A.A. Brant House

A home for many artists in its time, the A.A. Brant house on Allen St. was originally constructed in 1867. The first artist to call this house home was Julia A. Hanington who purchased the home in 1882. Her son, Robert, created the studio that is attached to the carriage house. In 1899, the home was sold to its namesake, A. A. Brant. He was a lumber and coal merchant as well as a local banker and prominent local resident. In 1927, the house was again owned by an artist when Florence A. Chalfont purchased it. After her passing, the home was sold to Harry C. Shinn in 1934. Ever since that time it has been home to an engineering firm.

Water Street Includes Five Historic Listings

The Horner House

Built in 1824 by local store owner Joseph Horner, the Horner House is one the oldest homes for sale in Toms River NJ. Grievously, he passed away before ever getting to live in the home.

The Crawford House

Next door to the Horner House is the Crawford House. As many homes on the street, the Crawford House was built by a sea captain in order to be close to work. In fact, the street was called Captain’s Row in the 1830s. The Crawford House was once used as a boarding house for yachtsmen.

The Captain George W. Giberson House

The exact year that Captain George W. Giberson built his home is unknown, but is though to be between 1850-1853. Giberson becoming a successful local businessman after inheriting his father’s businesses of a cranberry bog and a sawmill. It has undergone a few remodels, but, thankfully, the building retains its historic charm with rich architectural details.

The Stewart House

Colonel Samuel C. Dunham constructed the building at 57 Water St. in 1849. Charles Stewart purchased it in 1860 and turned it into a boarding house. One of the oldest yacht clubs in America, the Toms River Yacht Club had its first meeting in the Dover House which would later change its name to the Stewart House.

The Stoutenburgh-Minturn House

Built in 1868, this house is a perfect example of the Victorian Gothic architecture that was popular in the area. Also linked to the Toms River Yacht Club, one of original founders of the club was one of the owners of the house. John Stoutenburgh was a prominent New Yorker whose family helped to settle the Poughkeepsie area. Judge James F. Minturn, who was a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court, bought the home in 1924.

There’s Many More Historic Homes Around Homes for Sale in Toms River NJ

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