Gutter Cleaning Freehold Homes Safety Tips

Gutter cleaning Freehold, homeowner doing gutter cleaning in Freehold,  Gutter needs cleaning in Freehold NJOwning a home seems to come with a never-ending list of chores.  Some are simple, some require the help of professionals, but all of them are necessary and need to be done regularly.  When attempting to complete home projects or tasks on your own, safety should be number one on your list of concerns of whether it is a good idea to do the job yourself. One home chore in particular that may seem easy enough to complete yourself, but may be more dangerous than you think is gutter cleaning Freehold homes.

What is Dangerous about Gutter Cleaning Freehold Homes

Gutter cleaning Freehold homes seems like a rather innocuous task.  However, there are hidden dangers in everything.  The one, most obvious danger associated with gutter cleaning is use of your ladder.  Some people tend to take the safety and use of a ladder too nonchalantly and do not give enough thought to proper ladder use.  Make sure you are using an appropriate ladder for the task.  When cleaning out gutters, you have to move the ladder numerous times so a lighter weight ladder is most suitable.  For single story homes, a four-legged step ladder may be sufficient.  For taller buildings or multi-story homes, an extension ladder is necessary.  When using a ladder, always make sure someone else on the premises is aware you are on the ladder, or better yet, you should have another person spot you while on the ladder.  Be sure to inspect your ladder for loose parts, dents, and damages prior to each use.

Next up on the list of safety items for gutter cleaning Freehold homes is eye and skin protection.  Safety goggles are recommended when performing gutter cleaning due to the fact that you most likely will be using a hose and spray from the hose and articles of debris from the gutters can easily get into your eyes even when you think you are being very safe.  In addition to water and debris, many clogged gutters can become homes to a variety of animals and insects.  When disrupted they will naturally try to escape and may sting, bite, and scratch anything in their way so protecting your eyes is crucial.  This also leads to the importance of skin protection.  Wear long sleeves and gloves when cleaning out your gutters.  Protecting your skin from any bacteria laden debris in your gutters is very important. As just mentioned, clogged gutters may be home and, more concerning, toilet to a number of animals so you want to protect your skin from animal feces as well as providing a barrier against stings and bites.  Gloves made of suede are best suited for this task as they do not absorb water, are harder to tear than rubber, and you maintain much of your finger dexterity.

Ask for Help when Gutter Cleaning Freehold Homes

Lastly, probably the easiest and best way to stay safe while performing gutter cleaning for your Freehold home is to ask for help.  This could just mean asking a family member or neighbor to lend a hand spotting you on the ladder or helping in other ways while you still perform the task.  On the other hand, this may mean you do some maintenance work and low-key cleaning of your gutters as needed, but having a professional provide the deep cleaning required at least twice a year.  The safest option for you is to turn the task completely over to the professionals.  When gutter cleaning Freehold homes is done by qualified personnel, you and your home stay completely safe.  When the chore is completed by a competent company, they will not only clean your gutters, but inspect them as well ensuring the safety of your gutters, foundation, and home.