26 Jul 2020

Fiesta Weed Killer is What You Need

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Fiesta weed killer product shown on green lawn being mowed by push mower

When it comes to turf and lawn weed control for professionals and homeowners, nothing beats Fiesta weed killer.  This is an iron based, broad leaf, post-emergent product that is ideal for use in highly populated areas.  Due to its effectiveness and how safe it is to use around people and animals, when you need weed control, look to Fiesta weed killer provided by Tech Terra Environmental.

Why Fiesta Weed Killer Works

Fiesta Turf weed control is an ideal product.  It is effective while being selective.  It causes no harm or stress to grasses such as ryegrass, fescue, or Kentucky bluegrass while effectively controlling broadleaf weeds. The reason being is that it is iron based. Broadleaf weeds take up iron at a much higher rate than grasses. This means your grass will remain unharmed while weeds will be controlled and you’ll see the results within 24 hours.  The iron is toxic at the cellular level and is quickly transported through the plant to the root causing the death of the weed.  It may cause some darkening of the lawn, but the grass will remain unharmed and should return to its beautiful green color withing days to weeks.

When to Use

Fiesta turf weed killer is weather resistant as well.  Fiesta can be used in hot or cold temperatures and is ran-fast within three hours.  That being said, the ideal time to treat weeds is in the spring as they are emerging and, in the fall, to start eliminating weeds before the next season.  No matter the temperature, you can count on Fiesta.  Just keep an eye on rainfall and be sure to complete the application at least 3 hours before rain is predicted.

Where to Use

Fiesta is so safe and so effective it can be used just about anywhere.  Re-entry into the treated area is safe as soon as the product is dry. The safety level of the product makes it ideal to use in areas where pesticides are banned.  It also is odorless, Areas such as playgrounds, golf courses, and parks are just a few examples of high traffic areas where Fiesta can be applied.  It can also be used by homeowners as a pre-emergent weed killer or spot treatment.  The use may cause staining on surfaces such as concrete, brick, or wood.  It is recommended to do a spot test on an inconspicuous area if you need to use it on or around surfaces other than lawns or turf.

How to Use

While it can be used over large areas, it is also effective as a spot treatment.  It can be used by homeowners or professional landscapers. For large-scale application, it is recommended to use 5 ounces of Fiesta for every gallon of water at the rate of 2.5 gallons of water for ever 1,000 square feet of lawn.  Application can be repeated in three to four weeks if necessary, for optimum results.  For spot treatment, use 5 ounces of Fiesta weed killer for every gallon water and spray onto weed affected areas.

Examples of Weeds Affected by Fiesta Weed Killer

  • Dandelion
  • False Dandelion
  • Thistle
  • Chickweed
  • Plantain
  • Dovefoot Geranium
  • Moss
  • Snow mold
  • Creeping Buttercup
  • White Clover
  • Algae
  • English Daisy


Fiesta can be used in areas where pesticides are banned. It is safe enough to use seven days after germination, people and pets can reenter the treated area as soon as the product is dry, and treated turf can be reseeded within 24 hours. It is less toxic than table salt!  Also, when used according to packaging directions, it does not contaminate surface or ground water.  Some other safety features are that it is non persistent in the environment making it safe for use around wildlife and is also non-volatile.

Fiesta Weed Killer is All You Need

Due to it’s quick-kill rate, it’s high level of effectiveness, and the safety level at which it performs, when you need weed control, look no further than Fiesta weed killer.  For use at home or on a grander scale in publicly populated areas, it is perfect for just about any situation.  It provides same day results and is so safe, you can reseed the area in 24 hours.  When you need safe and effective weed control, choose Fiesta weed killer.

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