Custom home builder in Montclair Talks Countertops
27 Mar 2020

Custom home builder in Montclair Talks Countertops

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When deciding to design a custom home, there are numerous decisions to be made. From your floor plans to roofing supplies, the alternatives are nearly endless. Due to the fact that the kitchen is the heart of the house, deciding on your countertop material could possibly be a top priority. You can find many solutions ranging from eco-friendly types like bamboo and glass to high-quality granite and marble. The best custom home builder in Montclair should be able to guide you through your options and help you make the best selection.

Custom home builder in Montclair, modern kitchen shown in tan and white with vase of flowers on countertop

Eco-Friendly Countertops

When deciding to construct your very own custom property, you may wish to be conscious of your effect on the environment. With all of the green options available for appliances as well as other components of your dwelling, do not overlook your countertops. In some cases covering a large area of your kitchen, you can feel great any time you make a decision on an eco-friendly selection.

Bamboo – It is broadly recognized that bamboo is a terrific eco-friendly selection for just about any project. You can use it for flooring, walls, and furnishings. This grass grows extremely rapidly making it a really great sustainable solution. Countertops constructed of bamboo are sturdy and give your kitchen a special look. On the other hand, bamboo countertops are usually not heat, stain, or water-resistant. They demand frequent maintenance to help keep them looking stunning.

Recycled Glass – Every person knows recycling is very good. Recycling glass is great. You can help save large quantities of glass from landfills by deciding on this material. One of the top qualities of recycled glass countertops is their strength. They hardly ever chip, crack or break. Being non-porous, they’re also water and stain-resistant. Should you be searching for a countertop that’s 100% one-of-a-kind, the recycled glass countertop will be the choice for you. No two countertops end up the same, so each project is completely distinctive. Installation of glass countertops require a professional and are on the pricier end of the cost scale.

Recycled Paper – Created of 100% post-consumer paper, not only are they made of a recycled item, if you remodel at any point, they can be recycled at that point as well. A green decision all around! Your custom home builder in Montclair can review all of the fantastic qualities of paper composite countertops. The top benefits are its durability, stain resistance, and bacterial resistance. The biggest drawback of this material would be the readily available color choices. The list is quite restricted for color options.

High-End Selections

For those who are investing the time and money into building your very own custom dwelling, a beautifully designed kitchen could be one of your top must-haves. You will discover a variety of high-end countertop possibilities out there.

Granite – This selection is broadly recognized as a common beauty in regards to kitchen design and style. Granite is extremely durable on account of its hardness rating and heat resistance. It comes in a variety of colors and calls for minimal upkeep. It is essential to have granite installed correctly by an expert and provided suitable care. Any imperfections in the sealant can result in staining. Additionally, it could also result in bacterial growth in the spots exactly where it’s improperly sealed. An additional disadvantage of granite is the fact that corners can crack and break if one thing heavy enough falls on them.

Engineered Quartz – Another popular high-end option, engineered quartz is just below granite on the hardness scale. This material is a non-porous surface making it resistant to stains and damage or imperfections due to water. Certainly one of the most significant cons of quartz countertops is their price tag. Furthermore, they can fade or warp if exposed to direct sunlight over time. Quartz is also not as heat resistant as some other countertop possibilities.

Alternative Choices

A few of these possibilities are new to the sector and a few are just not as well-known as other selections. As the same item does not fit all, one of these diverse options may perhaps suit your design.

Lava – Yes, lava. Certainly one of the top rewards of this material is definitely its heat resistance. It is an exceptionally tough solution resisting chips and cracks. It is very simple to customize having a rainbow of colors available. The biggest disadvantage of lava is definitely the expense. It must be imported which adds a significant portion to the price.

Resin – While not necessarily a brand new item, a resin countertop allows for one of the highest amounts of customization. If you cannot find something else that looks specifically how you wish it to, consider a resin countertop. As always, discuss it with your custom home builder in Montclair to make sure it is a suitable option for you. Resin countertops do not have a long list of cons. Apart from the array of production quality. Make sure you know what variety of resin is becoming used to construct your countertop. In relation to resin countertops, you get what you pay for and the range is wide.

Stainless Steel – Even though this has developed into essentially the most well-liked choice for appliance finishes, the choice to utilize it for countertops within your household is still somewhat new. This material easily fits in both elegant and practical categories. The quality of being very sanitary is stainless steels most recognized advantage. Having said that, though it is easy to clean and retain and may look fantastic in a modern-day kitchen, a lot of men and women dislike it for a countertop material because of its cold feel. One other con is that with stainless steel, you don’t have many customization options.

Custom Home Builder in Montclair Can Help Narrow Your Selections

While it might seem like an advantage to have many selections to choose from, it can be overwhelming. This can be where a detailed conversation amongst you and your custom home builder in Montclair will help. They can acquire facts from you as far as what you are hunting for in terms of look, budget, and typical usage. From this, they can narrow down the options to only the components that will suit your needs. It also helps to perform your own research also. This way when you speak with your builder, you can review a list of pros and cons together. Some builders may want you to use a certain material if it is what they like to work with. When you’re investing in constructing your own custom house, ensure you are partnering with a builder who will let your dream develop into a reality, not theirs.