Balloon Sinuplasty NJ Q & A

These days, Balloon Sinuplasty NJ is becoming a routine way to treat those with chronic sinus problems. You may have heard of it, and you probably have some questions. Here are some common ones, courtesy of Atlantic ENT Associates, P.A.:

QUESTION: “Even if you treat my nasal polyps, won’t they always reoccur?”

ANSWER: Some nasal polyps do reoccur, yes, but modern treatment options and advanced technology has decreased the likelihood of reoccurrence. The truth of the matter is, the new treatments for nasal polyps can provide long term improvements to your quality of life.

QUESTION: “Will my nose have to be packed, and how uncomfortable will it be?”

ANSWER: You no longer have to have your nose packed with gauze, then suffer the uncomfortable removal process a few days later. Thanks to new technology and new techniques, it doesn’t matter if you are having normal sinus surgery or Balloon Sinuplasty NJ, this aspect of the procedure is very rare these days.

QUESTION: “Will in-office surgery actually address my symptoms?”

ANSWER: Yes, and the results speak for themselves. Balloon sinuplasty has been shown to be safe and effective in improving the quality of life of people who have had the procedure. If you have doubts, consult with your doctor to find out if you are a prime candidate for the procedure.

QUESTION: “Will this procedure give me black eyes?”

ANSWER: When people get cosmetic nasal work done, which is sometimes done at the same time as balloon sinus dilation, temporary black eyes sometimes result. HOWEVER, with just this procedure, there are usually no visible changes following surgery. In other words, no black eyes!

QUESTION: “Does sinus surgery need to be done a second time in order for it to fully take?”

ANSWER: While it can happen in a small minority of cases, over 45 studies show that up to 97% percent of patients show a significant improvement after just one Balloon Sinuplasty NJ procedure. About 15 to 20 percent of patients may return for a second procedure, but this often has to do with addressing the growth of new nasal polyps rather than being due to flaws in the initial surgery.

QUESTION: “Is my insurance going to cover sinus surgery?”

ANSWER: Almost for certain. Most major plans cover balloon surgery. A few obscure plans may not, and/or there may be a pre-approval required in some cases, but these are small obstacles. Your doctor will be happy to walk you through the process to help you lead a more enjoyable quality of life.

QUESTION: “Will this procedure hurt?”

ANSWER: Studies show that about 82 percent of those who went through the procedure found it highly tolerable or tolerable, and another 12 percent found it somewhat tolerable. That means almost no one experiences significant discomfort (though yes, there is a slim, outside chance of it).

QUESTION: “Is any patient with sinus problems a good candidate for this surgery?”

ANSWER: In fact, not everyone suffering from sinus issues are a good fit for this procedure. If there are structural issues like a deviated septum or perhaps large nasal polyps, using traditional surgery is often the better option. If you do not have these issues, you may be an excellent candidate for this surgery.