3 Nov 2016

5 Essential Security Camera Tips For Bars and Restaurants

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Security cameras are an essential part of any business. This is especially true in the service industry. At bars, restaurants and night clubs, you are exposed to more dangers than the average business.

Thankfully, security cameras can help you address many of them. The key is to be smart with how you use them. Consider these tips to get the most out of your security camera system.

1) Use Them To Protect Yourself From Lawsuits

When you think of security cameras, you think of security, obviously, but for bar, nightclub and restaurant owners, there is perhaps an even bigger benefit: they can protect you from lawsuits. From catching people tampering with their food and blaming it on you to false slip and fall claims to patrons instigating violence and then claiming your staff did it, catching the happenings of your establishment on video can go a long way towards protecting you from costly lawsuits.

2) Try To Cover Every Corner

It’s hard to get every corner of your establishment covers in IP Surveillance cameras NJ, especially if you are operating on a tight budget, but there are ways to maximize your coverage even with a smaller number of cameras. Use cameras that can pan and tilt instead of stationary cameras to cover more of the room. If possible, consider 360 degree view cameras, which offer a great bang for your buck when it comes to giving you lots of coverage.

3) When Covering Cash-Handling Areas, Use Better Cameras

A standard security camera may not give you the resolution you want and need in order to uncover potential improprieties in a cash handling environment. You want an IP camera or high megapixel security camera to get the good, clear images you’ll need to be able to spot employees or patrons stealing, especially if they are other good at sleight of hand. Analog cameras are fine for basic coverage, but if you want to capture real evidence, you’ve got to use IP Surveillance cameras NJ.

4) Be Sure To Address Low Light Conditions

In establishments like bars, restaurants and nightclubs, low light conditions can be a real problem for security cameras. If you can accomplish this with natural lighting, great, but in many cases this just won’t be right for your establishment. Instead, try infrared cameras or day/night cameras that are equipped to handle low light conditions. They’ll do the trick even in a dark night club, and will even work after hours (which is great if you have a break in). Use IP Surveillance cameras NJ to aid with facial recognition as well.

5) Use Them To Monitor Health And Safety Protocols

This is especially important in restaurants. You usually think of security cameras as something to monitor your patrons or cash handling areas, but they can be an important tool in ensuring your staff is properly handling food, cleaning chemicals, and so on, too. This can help you stay within the law, which in turn can help you ensure your doors stay open for ma